Reclaim your space.

We organise, clear out and re-home your unwanted goods.

Discover the joy of living without clutter.

Are your cupboards overloaded with old clothes? Are you tripping over endless clutter around the house?

We understand how stressful and draining it can be to part with things you own and care about. Let us help you decide what you really need and clear out the rest—and ensure it goes to a good home. You can nominate your favourite charity or NGO to receive your worthwhile goods.

We can also put you in touch with auction houses and antiques dealers for your high-value items.

Six Reasons to Declutter Your Space

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Selling your home

Too many personal items out of place can prevent a buyer from seeing the potential of your property.

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Moving to a new city or country and are unable to take your household items with you.

cluttered room with stairs

No more space

Run out of storage room and it's time to let go of unnecessary belongings.

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Hazardous environment

When clutter gets out of control, it can become a risk to a person's health and safety.

old hands resting on cane


Preparing to move into a retirement village, or downsizing as you prepare for a simpler life.

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Losing a loved one

The difficult task of clearing a loved one's lifetime of belongings. Do you need help coming to terms with the loss of a loved one?

Simply removing items that you no longer need can profoundly transform your home, your relationships and your life.


We help you decide what to clear, then neatly arrange what's left behind.

Clear Out

We sort, remove, load and haul your items away to their new home.


We upcycle, recycle, donate and sell goods so that the least amount goes into the bin.

How it works

Contact us and we'll schedule a phone conversation to determine what you need. We normally recommend a three-hour declutter session at your home—which includes delivering items to your nominated local charity or NGO.

What we charge

  • R650 per hour (includes two people)
  • R359 per mini collection bag
  • R469 per medium collection bag
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When there is order, there is time for other activities. We strive to empower our clients to "handle it once, and then keep a handle on it"—freeing up time and energy for the important things in life.

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I believe that anxiety lies at the bottom of mountains of clutter. If one attaches meaning, value and fantasy futures to everything, the "what ifs" become crippling.

Definitely the best thing I did in 2017 to make my home a more liveable, loved space. I was so proud to host my 50th birthday party in a tidy, neat home.

Definitely a worthwhile service... (Alma) has calmly and professionally sorted "need to have" and "no need to keep" piles which have been sorted and moved.

Without your help and support we may all have given up hope of ever clearing the clutter and removing all the boxes and boxes of magazines and paper that were collected over the years.

In this modern age of shortcuts and poor service delivery, I would like to commend you, Alma and Patricia, for the help provided. Your "can do" attitude was truly refreshing.

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